clean your natural stone floors in southern california
Natural Stone Cleaning

Deep Cleaning Natural Stone Surfaces

Your natural stone surfaces, be it travertine, marble, granite, concrete or limestone, are prone to become stained and dusty at some point in time. However, you don’t have to live with their looks, because they can be cleaned & restored by professionals. We are natural stone care experts that specialize in natural stone restoration and stone repair, and we work exclusively in Southern California. 

Why Clean Natural Stone?

The thing about natural stones is that they are quite porous, which means dirt & liquids can get through. For example, if you were to spill a liquid, it’s could seep into your natural stone floors and create a stain. This is one of many issues that require natural stone cleaning.

Stone Shine understands that you would have spent a considerable amount of money, time and effort to have your beautiful natural stone surfaces installed. That’s exactly why we offer our cleaning services. We know how important it is to you to maintain the beauty of your natural stone floors, walls, and countertops etc. 

Natural stone cleaning might be a complex process, but, you have nothing to worry about with Stone Shine on your side. We follow the safest and most effective methods to clean your natural stone surfaces and restore them to their former glory.

STONESHINE’s Approach To Cleaning

Stone Shine’s natural stone cleaning service is designed to provide only the best results. Our natural stone experts will make sure you are completely satisfied with the job. Our process starts with a FREE “at home consultation”, where we assess your natural stone surfaces to get an idea of the work that needs to be done. Once we do that, we’ll draft a plan to clean your natural stone surfaces.

We’ll begin by preparing the areas that need to be cleaned. This will involve taping off certain surrounding areas and vacuuming the natural stone surfaces to clear dust and debris. We will then apply our hot water extraction technique, which will eliminate excess moisture, dirt, and dust from deep within the natural stone surface. This is then followed by sealing, polishing or honing, depending on your needs, which will complete the overall restoration.

We clean concrete/terrazzo, travertine, limestone, marble, granite, flagstone, slate, and more! Also, we don’t just clean natural stone floors. We even undertake natural stone cleaning for walls, countertops and any other area that might have natural stone surfaces.

Does Cleaning Need to Be Done Often?

No, natural stone cleaning does not have to be done too often. One cleaning sessions will be good enough to last you for a year or more. Of course, that also depends on the amount of foot traffic.  So, natural stone floors at home are likely to remain clean longer than natural stone floors at an office. Even so, if you live in Southern California and require natural stone cleaning, give the stone care experts Stone Shine Restoration a call.