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Natural Stone Stain Removal

Professional Stain Removal – Marble, Granite, Travertine, Concrete, And More

So, your natural stone floor or wall got stained? Well, don’t worry about it. These things happen. Fortunately, you can always fix the problem with professional natural stone stain removal. The experts at STONE SHINE have seen and removed every kind of stain you can think of from from all types of stone throughout Southern California. The most common method for removing a stain is by using a highly absorbent poultice. We mix our poultice depending on the type of stain you have. We also factor in what type of stone you have, as they have different attributes from each other.

Natural stone is known for being porous, which means that the stone has lots of small holes throughout it. These, often microscopic, pores can absorb fluids and/or particulates that can alter the stones true color. Think of them as being super hard sponges. Just as sponges absorb liquids, stones can too. Of course, the process might be a little different, but, the effect is the same.

Let’s look at the five major classifications of stains that your stone floors or countertops could develop, as well as some conditions commonly mistook for stains.

Five major types of Stains

  • Oil Based: Made from cooking oil spills, milk spills, grease or tar spills, and cosmetic spills. These stones will end up forming dark patches.
  • Organic:  These are caused by organic products such as urine, leaves, tobacco, tea, fruit, and bird droppings etc.
  • Inorganic: Inks, dyes, dirt, and other non-organic sources can cause serious stains to natural stone features, especially if not cleaned up quickly.
  • Metallic: These are caused by contact with certain metals; such as copper or rusted iron. These metals, undergoing oxidation or some other chemical reaction, can stain natural stone if left in contact for too long.
  • Biological: These stains usually occur due to the growth of lichens, fungi, algae and other microorganisms. Generally we see these stains on outdoor stone pavers or statues, or inside a bathroom/shower stall.

While most stains fit into one of the five major categories, there are some problems that aren’t technically a stain. Here are other common types of stains or stain-like issues that STONESHINE can remove for you.

  • Paint: These stains are sure to have occurred if you got your house painted recently. However, it’s only oil based paints that cause staining. Acrylic or latex paints are relatively safer.
  • Water Spots or Rings: These stains occur if you ignored water spills or have the habit of placing wet cups or glasses onto the natural stone surface. Very commonly observed on marble & granite countertops.
  • Fire and Smoke: As the name indicates, these stains are caused when there has been a fire related incident or if the natural stone is exposed to fire and smoke often. For instance, kitchen walls made of natural stone usually have this problem by the stove.
  • Etch Marks: Commonly misclassified as a stain, etching is caused when acids or bases are left on a natural stone’s surface. Even weak basic or acidic solutions can react enough with natural stone to cause a etch marks. Extremely caustic bases & acids will even damage the stone surface. That’s why we only use pH neutral cleaners during a restoration job.
  • Efflorescence: Commonly misclassified as a stain, efflorescence is actually a condition caused by water evaporating and leaving behind a white powder like residue on the stone surface. This problem is most common in areas where your stone is frequently in contact with water, such as a shower/bathroom or an outside patio; but can also be caused from internal moisture seeping out of the stone or grout lines.

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